On December 31, 2016 and January 1, 2017, at Thien Son Resort, Suoi Nga, Ba Vi, Ha Noi, Bac Viet Technology Joint Stock Company cooperated with Tam Viet Company Limited “Team spirit” training course for staffs and employees of the Company. Through the activities of teambuilding, discussion, physical training … Training course to raise awareness and teamwork spirit, creative thinking, change the old habits of thinking, respect the value of the village Body, culture behave in business, family and in society.
Teambuilding activities help to cement the team spirit
The staff listen to trainers on “corporate culture”
Start preparing with the collective action
Get involved in games, teamwork join team after tired working days
Activities, games team up
Activities, games team up

Bac Viet staffs attended the course
“Teamwork” training for employees is one of the indispensable activities in the policy of recruiting, building and developing the human resources of the North Vietnamese Group. Vu Hoang Chuong, Chairman of the Board of Directors, emphasized that human resource is the most valuable assets and the contribution of employees is the decisive factor of the success of the Company through training courses ” Team spirit, “each of the staff beyond their professional capacity, must understand where they work, imbued with the spirit of North Vietnamese culture, team spirit to co-operate, co-build the company