Bac Viet Technology Joint Stock Company received the “gold star” prize in 2015

On the occasion of the Vietnam Business Day on October 13, 2015, on 04/10/2015, at the National Convention Center, Bac Viet Technology JSC was honored to receive the “Vietnam Gold Star Award” 2015 together with 200 enterprises nationwide.
As a company specialized in manufacturing and trading of precision molds and high-quality plastic parts, established in 2009, continuously 05 years of accomplishing tasks, plans, fulfilling the main tasks. Social, and prestigious in Bac Ninh Young Business Association.
Awarded the “Golden Star of Vietnam” this time is the result of a process of striving, overcome the difficulties and challenges of the market in recent years. On the other hand, it also affirms prestige, trademark, the success of the organization of production and business management and the pride of enterprises in recent years.
It is known that Bac Viet Technology Joint Stock Company is the third unit in the North Vietnam Steel Corporation honored to receive the “Vietnam Gold Star Award” and the only enterprise in the province of Bac Ninh to win the award. This in 2015.
Promoting the achievements, officials and workers of Bac Viet Technology Corporation determined to hold the title “Golden Star Vietnam” and constantly strive to bring the brand “Bac Viet” become a Among the typical brands of Vietnamese businessman village.